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What exactly is Maneno?

The concept

Maneno is an interactive reading app designed to connect children with a love of reading. More than just a library, Maneno is an edutainment-app; a clever integration of books and gamification designed to make the process of learning to read an engaging journey for all.

The Maneno way is focused around children reading for at least 15 minutes every day – a level proven to increase learning and literacy.

Getting started

Designed to engage and inspire, Maneno makes reading fun in just three easy steps.

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About us

A Maneno Insight

Our goal is quite simple; to encourage all children to love reading.

Maneno is an educational app aimed at children between 5 and 10 years old. It is focussed around the idea that 15 minutes a day of reading can not only increase a child’s literacy level, but also their ability to learn. A unique reading tool, Maneno was developed in conjunction with teachers, parents and children to build a solution that motivates them to learn and progress in a fun, interactive way.

And the theory is backed by research and best practice too.

Maneno’s framework is built around four key components for learning and development; motivation, comprehension, aided assistance, progress and feedback. These core principles are cleverly brought to life through audio and visual features giving children a reason to read every day.

And as a parent or teacher, you will become their reading partner. The functionality of Maneno makes it easy for you to monitor and motivate every child you are supporting, tailoring their Maneno journey to their individual needs

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