For children

Maneno Reader

Mobile & tablet edition

Available in both smart phone and tablet version, our reading app is at the core of the Maneno concept. This is where children can enjoy browsing, selecting and reading books, with the added incentive of helping their little blue dragon to grow as they progress.

The things you’ll love:

  • You can filter your search to match a child’s reading ability with the best books for them.

  • The adaptive reading system follows a child’s development and provides book recommendations for their reading level.
  • Interactive features keep children engaged as they collect points and diamonds every time they read.
  • Children can use the app independently as soon as they are familiar with the letter sounds and have confidence in reading.
For the parents

Maneno Parent

Mobile & tablet edition

As your child’s reading partner, you can enjoy the Maneno journey together. Using the parent app, you can track your child’s reading development and encourage good habits by giving rewards as they progress.

How it works:

  • You can setup a weekly reading plan to schedule reading with your child at a time that works for you, complete with reminders

  • By recording your child’s reading time in the app, we can send you weekly statistics for you to track against.
  • Each reading schedule is fully adjustable and can be suspended for breaks and holidays.
  • You can record books read outside of the Maneno library too meaning your child can still earn points and feed the dragon every time they read.