Creating good reading habits is a way of life.

All children deserve to enjoy reading; it’s a life-long skill and an activity to do together. But it can be a challenging task, and some children will learn to read faster than others. The key is to instil good reading habits by exposing children to regular reading opportunities.

Reading is an essential skill for learning and building knowledge through life. The Maneno app gives you all of the tools you need to create a love of reading, working with your child to build healthy and long-lasting reading habits.

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Reading Habits


Creating good reading habits is a way of life.

The routine

Most children thrive in an environment of regular routines and reading is no exception. By setting up a schedule of allocated reading days during the week, sitting down to read will become part of your daily life. Children will accept this alongside all other routines and will hopefully grow to enjoy their reading space.

Making it manageable

To see positive reading achievements, children need realistic targets to work towards; ideally bite-sized goals that can be ticked off quickly. You can use the Maneno parent app to set reading goals with your child, keeping these goals fun and attainable. You can review these together on a daily basis and offer rewards when your child reaches each milestone.


There is nothing more rewarding than receiving well-deserved praise, and reading recognition is no exception. Setting reading goals with your child is a great incentive but making them meaningful is the real winner. Maneno parent allows you to reward your child with points and diamonds.

Tailored to you

Your rules

Set up a reading plan

Using the functionality of Maneno Parent, creating your own reading plan couldn’t be easier. You can set up your own unique reading schedule, deciding whether you’d like to read with your child one day or seven days a week, and whether that’s for five minutes or 30 minutes per day.

Once set up, your schedule is fully adjustable, so you can change it as much as you need and as often as you’d like to fit with your weekly plans. You will receive statistics each week to show how you’re tracking against your plan.

And there’s even reminders too.


You and your child will be reminded when it’s time to read and will receive push notifications once the reading is done and your daily goal has been achieved.

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